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Dreamweaver – Disable Related File Upload or Download

Dreamweaver is a great piece of software for web development. Weather you’re doing front-end design or back-end coding, it has a rich set of features that will boost your productivity and save you valuable time.Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Icon

One of the features that I don’t like to use, however, is the “related file” moving tool. What this does is put or get all files from the server that are included in a file you’ve edited. This can be useful if you’re working on a project with many people who may make changes that you’re unaware of, and if you’re running a local development environment. But for most situations that I work in, it just slows things down because each put/get operation results in moving many files, rather than just the one I’m working on. It can also result in local development environment configuration files being overwritten with production environment configuration files.

To disable this feature in Dreamweaver, simply go to the Preferences menu, then select the Sites sub-menu. Check the check boxes labeled “Prompt on get/check out” and “Prompt on put/check in”. The next time you perform a site operation, Dreamweaver will ask you if you’d like to perform the operation for all related files. In this screen you can simply check the box at the bottom saying “Don’t ask me again”, and then click “No”.

After this, you’ll be able to safely get and put files from the server without transferring any of the related files. Happy coding!

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