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July’s Most Popular Blog Posts and Search Query Traffic

Posted by Nathan Giesbrecht on August 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

The top 3 posts on this blog, based on the number of page views in the month of July were:

I’ve included only blog posts, and not the standard pages that make up the rest of the site, like Services, About Me, Contact, etc, just because I think this is slightly more interesting information.

Meanwhile, the top 4 (Numbers 2 to 4 were tied) Search Engine Queries to bring traffic here were:

As part of my monthly review of Google Analytics, I think I’ll be doing an update of this on a monthly basis. It’s informative to know what kinds of things people come here for, and it’s also interesting (and weird) to know that people are coming here for such a strange and diverse series of topics. I had no idea there was such an obsession with Google Elmer Fudd Edition, but the Internet is full of strange and interesting people, I suppose.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everybody for visiting, especially the clients and Elmer Fudd fans!

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