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Prestashop Combinations not displayed after import

Posted by Nathan Giesbrecht on July 17, 2015 in Tips

I came across a little problem today. I had imported a bunch of products from an old osCommerce site to a shiny new Prestashop install. That was no problem. However, I then imported the attributes from osCommerce to Prestashop and that’s where I ran into some problems.

The correct attributes were associated with the correct products in the back office, and everything looked like it should work. However, when opening up a product page, I was shown “THIS PRODUCT COMBINATION DOES NOT EXIST”. Didn’t matter what attributes or combinations I tried, or which products.

It turns out that Prestashop attributes have a “type”. You can select a Drop-down List, Radio Buttons, or a Color or Texture type. However, when importing, the type was not set and was left blank in the database.

The solution was to go to each individual attribute, and set it’s type. Alternatively if you’re setting them all to dropdown, you can update your database directly by executing a query like

UPDATE ps_attribute_group SET group_type = 'select' WHERE is_color_group = 0;

which will set all non-color attributes to a dropdown type.

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