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Use UPS Negotiated Rates in Prestashop

Posted by Nathan Giesbrecht on July 15, 2015 in Plugins, Tips, Web Development

The stock Prestashop UPS carrier module does not use UPS’s Negotiated Rates to calculate shipping rates, it uses only UPS’s Published Rates. And if you’ve setup Negotiated Rates with UPS, you’ll know that this will cost your customers a lot of extra money in shipping costs, reducing your conversion rate in the process.

Thanks to Prestashop user manfield, we have a solution to this problem.

In essence, the changes are fairly trivial. You need to add a field to the XML request sent to UPS that indicates to their system that you’d like Negotiated Rates returned. And when processing the response, you’ll need the module to check if Negotiated Rates were returned in the XML response from UPS, and use those shipping rates instead of the Published Rates. If your store’s UPS account does not support Negotiated Rates, it will simply fall back to using the regular Published Rates.

You can click through to the link above to see the details about the code changes that need to be made. I’ve also made the updated module code available on Github for those who are familiar with Git and Github. You can also download the ZIP archive for installing the module through Prestashop’s Back Office. I’ve also submitted a pull request, so hopefully this gets incorporated into the core module soon. In the meantime, you can leave me a donation if you’ve found this helpful [paypal-donation reference=”Prestashop UPS Negotiated Rates”]

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