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Canada Rx Connection is a pharmacy based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The American market has developed quite an appetite for cheaper Canadian prescription drugs, and the company felt a serious online marketing effort would be the focus of the companies long term growth strategies.

CanadaRXConnection needed a way to connect with customers from all over the world, while acknowledging that most of their customers are not excessively technology savvy. The target market for an online pharmacy is not always comfortable with online orders and payments. But they know what they need, and they use the internet to gather information and find the best value for their money. At the same time, a pharmacy is a busy place with limited staff and resources. The need for the website to work seamlessly into the businesses current systems was essential.

We developed an online application that pulls information about drugs and inventory levels from the store’s internal databases to keep all information about various drugs up-to-date. The market for Canadian prescription drugs is well serviced, so strong Search Engine Optimization was essential to stand out from the pack. We also worked with third-party marketing agencies to develop targeted discount programs for customers with specific insurance coverage. To keep customers appraised of the risks of buying from less reputable companies, we utilized YouTube video to engage customers, and help them remain informed and confident in their choice of online pharmacy.

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