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Oil For Change

Oil For Change is an independent, not-for-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba made up of a network of individuals across Canada and the United States who believe that weaning North America from its oil addiction and beginning an aggressive shift to green energy is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

After having a beautiful website professionally designed, Oil For Change needed to implement features that would drive traffic, attract attention in a crowded market, and allow people from all over the globe to support their cause.

The homepage features a large, professionally designed and developed promotional video. The video is also hosted on YouTube, gaining access to YouTube’s 3 billion daily video views.

We utilized PayPal’s public API to enable supporters to donate money via Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Keeping supporters private financial information secure is a top priority, so the entire transaction takes place through an encrypted and secure HTTPS connection. Once the transaction is complete, the customer is thanked, and a record of the transaction is securely recorded for accounting purposes.

Supporters are kept aware of news, events, and marketing initiatives via e-mail. Contact information is stored securely to ensure supporters’ privacy is not violated. E-Mail and other marketing efforts can be tracked via personalized URLs, by individual campaign, or both.

We analyze extensive web analytics data to monitor marketing campaign effectiveness, as well as how users navigate the website. Campaign tracking allows us to measure which channels and communications strategies have the highest return on investment. Understanding how users navigate the site helps us understand what content attracts the most viewers, which pages drive the most donors, and which pages bring in the highest donations. All of this information can be leveraged to continuously improve the website’s performance over extended periods of time.

If you’d like to support Oil For Change, please donate here.

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