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Content is King! A well tailored Content Management System (CMS) is an essential element when keeping your website fresh and current. Search engine’s love consistently updated pages. With a CMS that’s custom built around your needs, there’s no need to learn any HTML or other confusing code to keep your website relevant, and keep your customers up-to-date.

I work with all of the most popular CMS frameworks out there, including Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. I also work with Magento, osCommerce, and Zen-Cart when a sales-oriented website is needed. But make no mistake about it, I love WordPress and I’ll use it for any project I can.

By utilizing open-source technologies (such as WordPress), projects can be completed quicker and cheaper because we’re not “re-inventing the wheel”. And hey, it’s FREE!

Content Management is essential for a successful website, and with a properly designed Content Management System it’s as simple as pie to keep your website current. SEO strategies can also be developed to work in unison with your business’ online goals and to provide maximum return on invested time.

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